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Cardiology Nurse Practitioner
Northside Hospital · Full-time
Northside Hospital · Full-time
Dentist Oral Surgeon
Northside Hospital · Full-time

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NPHire connects top NP talent with leading healthcare employers. The ONLY job matching platform designed exclusively for Nurse Practitioners.
Our platform simplifies the job search and the hiring process, ensuring the right match every time.


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Utilize our state-of-the-art algorithms to find the perfect job or candidate.

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What students are saying about NPHub

NPHUB is an awesome organization, and great resource for nurse practitioner students. They assisted me with a pediatrics-family nurse practitioner, and the preceptor was absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable. NPHUB sets up absolutely everything for you, and its just a matter of going to your clinical site. They ensure all the school paperwork is signed and make the entire process stress-free.100% Recommended.


My experience with NPHub has been fluid and effortless. NPHub was able to find me a placement and secure a site for me in no time. Communicating back and forth with staff is easy everything was taken care of for me in a timely fashion. I should’ve invested in these guys long ago. I will definitely recommend them to other clinical students!


I really needed a preceptor and Emma found me one without problem. I had to take off one semester because I had no luck doing it on my own, I looked around for help, and found this site. The people who work there are friendly, respectful, and responsible. Great job NPHub, I am happy I found you during the roughest time of my life, you made it so easy thereafter. Thanks


Very responsive, Amazing Team...If you find yourself stuck or have searched high and low, NP hub is your JEDI ship. I can’t say enough about them. Great customer service, extremely helpful every step of the way, highly recommended! Look for Ari, that girl’s a Unicorn ...


I would definitely recommend NPHub! After months of cold calling and receiving no replies, NPhub was able to secure a preceptor for me within three days! My paperwork is now signed and approved, and my clinical time is scheduled! Working with NPhub has been a great experience!


Emma has been wonderful with helping me find the sites that I need. She even brought along a co-worker to help me find another clinical site that I need. The team of people you have not only worked hard to find the site I need, they have worked together to make graduation a reality for me!